We, at St. Hilary of Poitiers School, encourage high academic standards for all our students. Our students participate in community outreach programs. Each class adopts a cause for the year to help the organization.  

Grade  Description
K and 1st: Serve one another in classroom and school by getting to know one another
2nd Serve the ill, shut-ins, and the bereaved with letters of comfort and cheer
3rd and 4th Serve the mentally challenged students at Our Lady of Confidence Day School
5th and 6th Serve the residents at St. Joseph Manor, Redeemer Village, Artis and Sunrise Communities 
7th and 8th Serve the poor at St. Vincent Soup Kitchen
Faculty                Chef's Program at Ronald McDonald House
5th through 8th The Knitting Club knits caps and blankets for newborn babies at Holy Redeemer
Whole School Soap, Food, Almsgiving to those in need; Alex's Lemonade Stand; Christmas Cards to the imprisoned; Christmas Gifts to the children at St. Vincent’s Soup Kitchen; Soda can pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House