Volunteering at St. Hilary's

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia mandates that any adult who has regular* contact with children, including faculty, parent volunteers, coaches etc. are required to attend Safe Environment Training.

*Regular contact is defined by the Archdiocese as once a week.

To be an approved Volunteer, you need:

1) Child Abuse Clearance Form
2) Criminal Background Clearance Form
3) Safe Environment Part I aka "Protecting God's Children for Adults"
4) Technology/Online Safety Addendum Course **
5) Safe Environment  Part II-Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse
6) Federal Fingerprint Background Check** 
7) Signed Disclosure Statement (due when clearances are handed in)
8) One time signed Mandated Reporter Form

How To:

1) Child Abuse Clearance 

• When you receive your certificate submit to the Rectory

2) Criminal Background Check

• Click on "NEW RECORD CHECK" (volunteers only)

• When you receive your response from the PA State Police,
send the completed results to the Rectory.

3) Safe Environment Training Course aka "Protecting God's Children for Adults"

• www.virtus.org

• When you attend this course, you will be given a "receipt" as proof of attendance.
Send the "Parish Copy" (white) to the Rectory.

4) Standards of Ministerial Behavior and Boundaries/Technology Addendum

** If you attended a "Safe Environment/Protecting God's Children" session PRIOR to 7/1/11, then you need this course. A "Safe Environment/Protecting God's Children" course taken AFTER 7/1/11 includes this material.

5) Safe Environment Part II-Mandatory Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse


 under "Training Institute" tab select Montgomery County

 print certificate and send certificate to Rectory

6) Federal Fingerprint Background Check is needed if you have NOT been a PA resident for 10 consecutive years**

Any questions, please contact the Safe Environment Coordinator at the Rectory (215) 884-3252