The mission of the Saint Hilary School Technology Program is to provide the tools and education necessary to prepare students for the skills they need to compete in the 21st century. By encouraging the creativity of each student’s individuality we provide technology as a tool used:

            • to become proficient in using the keyboard,

            • to research, using the internet,

            • to create innovative writing and presentation projects,

            • to develop critical thinking skills,

            • to use formulas and graphs in spreadsheets,

            • to develop organizational skills using a database,

            • to understand the concepts that are used to develop web pages.
From our youngest child to our future graduates, each lesson is planned at a level to encourage success, and as stated in our school philosophy to “provide an atmosphere, which nurtures the development of the whole child” and “to stimulate and challenge our students to be independent, critical thinkers.”

What we have to offer:

Our Smart Classrooms allow students the opportunity to interact, using the latest media to bring the outside world into the classroom.
All subjects areas can be displayed and bring thought provoking discussions into a learning environment.

Student laptops allow students portable access as a writing and research tool use in the classroom and throughout the building.

Our TV Station - WSHS - is our daily communication venue the students use that keeps the school community up to date on our activities and upcoming events.