St. Hilary's is much more than a great school.  It's a close-knit 'family' of children, parents, teachers and administration.  I know that my children are not only receiving a high quality education, but they are also growing spiritually and emotionally every day.  This school has so much to offer: stellar academics, CYO, the Arts, and community outreach programs, just to name a few.  It is truly the right school for every child! 

Choosing a school for your children is no easy task, you want a school that provides personalized attention, strong work ethic, a caring atmosphere, dedicated staff, pride, and protection from negative influences.  Our search was not giving us the results we desired until another parent told us about St Hilary's so we contacted the school for a tour.  I was so impressed by the campus, small classroom sizes and Mrs. Fagan, who is the most dedicated person I know.  We found everything we wanted for our children in St. Hilary's so we quickly registered and the rest is history.  Our children are learning academically but they are learning about being good people and how to live the way Jesus wanted us to live.  The staff is very dedicated to our children and Mrs. Fagan goes above and beyond for every child at the school, she even knows all of the children by name.  My children are thriving at St. Hilary's and that is all I can ask for.  My advice for parents new to St. Hilary's or thinking of registering, I say Just Do It!  This school is small but so big in many many ways.  Your children will greatly benefit from everything St. Hilary's has to offer.  And I recommend that you get involved in various school activities-you will meet many of the wonderful parents here at school plus you get to experience a lot of things your children do.  You cannot put a price tag on the experience at St Hilary's

~~Rebecca Farrell, Parent

S-solid foundation in Catholic values
H-high quality education
S-stellar teachers and parents

That's why we love SHS!

"What a wonderful day I have had!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to spend the day with the Students of St. Hilary’s!! Your students are marvelous! So wide-eyed and open…their innocence was a gift to see. The understanding they seemed to possess was amazing for such a young group. You are doing something very right there to foster this development. The environment in the school was open and welcoming and I felt right at home. I was truly amazed at the attention and compassion shown by the students in each grade. Their questions were thoughtful and insightful and their behavior was so polite and respectful, not only to me but to one another as well.

I look forward to seeing them again after Easter.

Until then, I wish you peace."
~~Kathleen Emery, Director Community Based and Specialized Services; Catholic Social Services

"My child is privileged to be a part of the small learning community that is Saint Hilary of Poitiers. The teaching staff is interested in new and innovative ways to teach academics. Whether it is through using technology or contests, they keep the children actively engaged in learning. More importantly, I see Saint Hilary’s as a place that focuses on the whole child, a child who is growing spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. I believe the environment provided fosters this growth. Through example, the students learn community outreach, the importance of tolerance, and self-respect. The energy and dedication of the parents are also an undeniable and important part of our school. Having recently changed schools I can clearly see the difference here. I am proud to say my child is a student of Saint Hilary’s."
~~Coleen M.

"We are so happy we chose St. Hilary's. Our experience with the teachers and staff has been excellent. The school has a clear dedication to student well being, growth, and moral standing. It feels good to have such confidence in the people that are with our kids day in and day out nine months of the year. We can see that the school will have lasting positive effects on our children. We're very glad to have found this school."
~~Parents of two currently enrolled students