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STUDENTS AND PARENTS MUST ACCEPT AND ABIDE BY THIS SCHOOL’S POLICIES AND PROCEDURES IN ORDER FOR THE STUDENT TO ATTEND THIS SCHOOL.This handbook contains the policies and procedures of this school.  The school may change any of its policies and procedures and apply them as circumstances dictate.  If you have a question about a particular policy or procedure, please contact the Principal. 

St. Hilary of Poitiers is a Catholic elementary school dedicated to the gospel message of Jesus Christ.  By embracing His teachings, the pastor, administration, faculty, auxiliary staff, parents, and students serve one another out of love for Jesus Christ.  Working together, we seek to develop each child spiritually, academically, emotionally, physically, and socially, utilizing each individual’s gifts and talents.  As we approach the twenty-first century, the St. Hilary of Poitiers School Community realizes the importance of our responsibility to prepare our children, thus enabling them to reach out to the future with hope and to approach each challenge with courage.  This is OUR GIFT TO THE FUTURE!

Realizing that both home and school are integral to our faith-centered community, parents and teachers work together to help each child recognize and discover the Christ in all people.  Through student-oriented liturgical and paraliturgical services and community outreach programs, we strive to encourage the practice of Christian values and foster a sense of justice in everyday life.

We, at St. Hilary of Poitiers School, provide an atmosphere which nurtures the development of the whole child.  Students are encouraged to develop personal responsibility, interpersonal skills, sportsmanship, leadership, and service through activities such as prayer partners, CYO sports, visits to the elderly, and Thanksgiving food collections.

At St. Hilary of Poitiers School knowledge is viewed as a gift from God.  We encourage the students to discover and develop their individual talents and potential to the fullest.  Our goal is to stimulate and challenge our students to be independent, critical thinkers.  Thus, the students are taught to view this education as an ongoing process that will enable them to become informed Christians in tomorrow’s society.

We approach academic development through content, as well as a process-oriented curriculum.  The means of fostering growth in this area vary according to the age and readiness of the student.  At the primary level, basic skills are presented using a multi-stimulus approach, moving from the concrete to the abstract.  As the student proceeds to a higher level of intellectual development, the emphasis is placed upon a process, as opposed to a content-oriented, curriculum.

Out teachers lead the students by serving as positive role models.  Their relationships with their students create an atmosphere conducive to Christian development.  The teacher/student relationship is a vital element in the growth of the whole child.  Although the teacher is the primary director of the child’s total school experience, parents work with teachers to help the child grow cognitively and form a positive self-image.  Progress is monitored through formal parent/teacher conferences and informal communication.

Our teachers strive to bring out the best in their colleagues by lending support, sharing ideas, and fostering professional growth.  By their dedication and enthusiasm, our teachers give witness to what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

The administration of St. Hilary of Poitiers School abides by the policies and directives developed by the Office of Catholic Education of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  All school policies are implemented in collaboration with the pastor, principal, faculty, and parents.  Policy matters are

Transmitted to each family through a school handbook.  Other pertinent information is communicated weekly.

The Office of Catholic Education issues curriculum guidelines, which are updated periodically.  Within the curriculum, the manner and method of presentation is determined by the originality of each teacher.  In this way, the faculty exercises professional discretion about how best to meet the needs of the individual student.  The teachers evaluate student progress through observation, class participation, as well as formal and informal assessments.

Teacher performance is monitored informally on a regular basis.  In addition, the principal evaluates each faculty member formally through an annual appraisal following the criteria mandated by the Office of Catholic Education.

As we approach the third millennium, the students of St. Hilary of Poitiers School are encouraged to use their education as a foundation, which will enable them to live and preach the Gospel Message.  By integrating their school experience with their lives as Jesus’ disciples, they will be prepared to fact the challenges ahead and truly become Our Gift to the Future.

Originally printed as part of our Middle States Report – October 1993



The Parish School is an extension of the education that begins the day an infant is brought home from the hospital.  Long before a child reaches the age of five, his/her parents have given him/her many values.  So, when the child enters school, he/she is not beginning his/her education – he/she is merely continuing it, and he/she still needs the help of his/her parents.

Your attitude toward the school and the teacher is most important, as it will reflect in the attitude of your child.  Parents are reminded that criticism, complaints, gossip, and words spoken in anger or jest are absorbed by the child and become a part of his/her education.

Parents are asked to maintain a UNITED AUTHORITY – between themselves and with the school.  You must preserve the union of authority that makes the teacher in the classroom an extension of parental authority.


A child can be taught responsibility.  Many parents fail to develop this most important trait.  Responsibility is taught over a period of days and months as the child learns that performance is expected and shirking will not be tolerated.  If the child is taught this basic characteristic at home, school tasks will also be regarded as important.  The child will be prepared to become a responsible member of our school community.


It is most important to withhold judgment on what appears to be a grievance until you get all the facts.

Classroom teachers appreciate FIRST calls.

Get your facts from the proper person.

Discuss your problems with the proper person as soon as possible.

When necessary, contact the principal.

We stress this procedure because, in most cases, the problem will be resolved with little difficulty.  GOSSIP HURTS A SCHOOL.  Problems discussed with friends and neighbors tend to become exaggerated.

YOU HOLD THE KEY TO YOUR CHILD’S FUTURE … Your encouragement can unlock for your child the best that education has to offer.


                        Pastor                                                            Rev. Kevin P. Murray

                        Principal                                                          Mrs. Eileen M. Fagan

                        Pre-K                                                              Mrs. Patricia Kensey

                        Pre-K Aide                                                      Miss Katherine Vandegrift

                        Kindergarten                                                   Miss Jackelyn Kilroy

                        Kindergarten Aide                                          Mrs. Dolores Rossi

                        Grade 1                                                           Mrs. Theresa Anstotz

                        Grade 2                                                           Ms. Susan Semple

                        Grade 3                                                           Mrs. Alison Montemarano

                        Grade 4                                                           Ms. Kathleen McCoey

                        Grade 5                                                           Mrs. Lisa Conway

                        Grade 6                                                           Mrs. Patricia Sermarini

                        Grade 7                                                           Ms. Kelly Brady

                        Grade 8                                                           Ms. Mary Ann Powell

                        Technology                                                     Mr. Josh Johnson

                        Honors Math                                                   Mrs. Marianne Checchia

                        Music                                                               Mr. Justin Jue

                        Art                                                                    Mrs. Tara Carlo

                        Physical Education                                        Mr. Michael Roken

                        Spanish                                                           Mrs. Maira Jaraba

                         Creative Reading/Writing                             Mrs. Neasa Burdick

                        Librarian                                                          Mrs. Betty Ann Armbruster

                        School Secretary                                            Mrs. Carol Hillanbrand

                        IU Reading                                                      Mrs. Michelle Freeman

                        IU Math                                                            Mrs. Michelle Freeman

                        IU Speech                                                       Mrs. Randi Chud

                        IU Guidance                                                    Ms. Sousan Robinson

                        Building Maintenance                                    Mr. Pierce Winters


The Executive Board of the Home and School Association meets throughout the year.  The Board is composed of the officers and the heads of the general committees.  All parents are requested to be members of the Home and School Association and to attend the general meetings held annually.  The Association strives to enhance the parents’/guardians’ and teachers’ roles in education at St. Hilary School by increasing their mutual understanding of the children and providing opportunities for parents/guardians and teachers to work together for the good of the children.


                        First Bell                      8:30 a.m.

                        Morning Recess          10:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

                        Lunch                          12:25 p.m. – 12:50 p.m.          Grades K-4 Cafeteria

                                                                                                            Grades 5-8 Recess

                                                            12:55 p.m. – l:20 p.m.             Grades 5-8 Cafeteria

                                                                                                            Grades K-4 Recess

                        Dismissal                     3:15 p.m.

                        Early Dismissals for Holidays and Faculty Meetings – 12:00 Noon

                        No student may leave the building prior to dismissal without the permission of the

                        Principal. Parents must sign their child out before leaving for an early appointment.

General Supervision of the School Grounds

The school grounds are supervised during school hours from arrival time until dismissal time when school is in session.  There also will be general supervision in connection with

School-sponsored activities.  Parents/guardians are responsible for insuring that they and their children are not on the premises during other times.  The school has no responsibility for students or parents/guardians on the premises outside of school hours.



Absences must be phoned in to the school office (215-887-4520) before 10:00 a.m.  Any pupil who is absent must bring an excuse note signed by a parent or guardian upon his/her return to school.  A doctor’s certificate may be required for absence of an extended nature (3 days).

If your child’s name appears on an attendance report from the homeroom teacher and you have not phoned in, please expect a call from the school to verify the absence or check on your child’s whereabouts.  Please help us in this endeavor by calling.  Your child’s safety and welfare are of great importance to us.

Any child who stays home without his/her parents’ knowledge is liable for suspension.  Any child who leaves school without permission is liable for suspension.

In order to arrange for assignments for children who are absent, kindly call the school office by 12:00 noon.  This work may be picked up at the school office no earlier than 3:00 p.m.  It is the responsibility of the student to complete work that has been missed due to absence.

Please make doctor and dental appointments on holidays or early-dismissal days.  If this is not possible, a written note requesting permission for the child to leave school is to be sent to the teacher/principal.  Please report to the office to pick up your child for his/her appointment.  Do    not go to the classroom.

Late students are to report to the school office for a late slip, which will be presented to the teacher.  Consistent unexcused lateness will be considered parental neglect. Lateness, of course, impacts on a perfect attendance record and disrupts the school day for the entire class.


Our school admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin to all of the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to its students.  The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, its admission policy, or in any school-administered program.

Our school serves a variety of purposes, including the academic, social, and physical development of the students.  However, the primary purpose of our school is religious.  We exist for the purpose of evangelization and catechesis, that is, the proclamation of the Gospel and formation of the entire school community of Faith.  Our school offers a complete Catholic religious education program and makes every effort to develop the Faith in all the students so that they may live a full Christian life.

Non-Catholic students may be admitted to our school under the following conditions:

The permission of the Pastor is obtained.

Adequate facilities and space are available, without denying the admission of eligible Catholic students.

Parents/guardians agree to permit their child(ren) regardless of  religious affiliation to attend Religion classes and Religious functions that are offered as part of the school program.

Parents/guardians commit themselves in writing to accept and to promote the philosophy, goals, objectives, and regulations of our school.

Parents/guardians agree in writing to assume responsibility for all financial obligations.

The school endeavors to accommodate students with special needs, as the school’s resources and capabilities reasonably permit.  The school reserves the right to decline admission or impose reasonable conditions of attendance where indicated under the circumstances.

Registration for Kindergarten and First Grade is held in February.  A student who is 5 years old by September 1st is eligible for Kindergarten.  A student who is 6 years old by September 1st is eligible for First Grade.

For registration the following is required:

Students in St. Hilary Parish need a Birth Certificate, a Baptismal Certificate (unless baptized at St. Hilary Church) and an Immunization Card.

Students not members of St. Hilary Parish need a Birth Certificate, a Baptismal Certificate (if baptized), an Immunization Card, and a Letter of Permission from their home-parish pastor.


The primary purpose of school assemblies is educational.  Being part of an appreciative audience is a learning experience.  Every student is expected to show respect and courtesy at this time.


Students are responsible for all books and materials issued.  All textbooks must be covered and transported in a schoolbag.  Students are not to write or draw on the cover or pages of any textbook or library book.  Neatness is a priority.  Students must pay for any lost or damaged book.


The St. Hilary School CARES Program provides children with a Catholic environment after school hours while extending the philosophy and values of St. Hilary School.  Our program is available to students from Kindergarten through 8th Grade who attend our school.


Cell Phones, beepers, pagers, handheld electronic games, personal CD players, and other items are, in the view of the school, distracting and disruptive to the learning environment and are not permitted in the classroom.  Electronic devices are not permitted in the classroom unless under the direction of a faculty member.  Students’ cell phones are collected by the homeroom teacher and returned at the end of the school day. 


Parent-Teacher Conferences are held at the end of November, coinciding with the end of the first trimester, for Grades 1 through 8.

Parents may request a conference with a teacher at any time by means of a note or phone call.  Parents should not expect teachers to confer with them during school hours.


Peace Program

In September 1994 St. Hilary of Poitiers School instituted a Peace Program.  This Peace Program became the Philosophy of our school.  It is based on the principles taught by Jesus Christ.  It infiltrates every curriculum area and IS our discipline code.  This NON-VIOLENT approach touches every person in our school community.  It touches our principal, teachers, staff members, parents, and students.  ALL are required to follow these PRINCIPLES OF PEACE.

Armed with the knowledge that conflicts are inevitable, teachers and students have been in-serviced and are expected to follow CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS.  Good and healthy SELF-ESTEEM is promoted through these skills.  Children are taught to stand up for themselves and not allow others to TEASE or BULLY them.

RESPECT, both in word and action, toward self, others, and the environment is the primary principle of our PEACE PROGRAM.

Respectful quiet is expected to be observed in the hallways at ALL times.  This respectful quiet is also to be observed in response to BELLS throughout the day. 

(See Appendix)


It is the intent of the school to provide an educational environment free from all forms of improper threats, intimidation, hostility, and offensive and inappropriate behavior.  Such improper conduct may take the form of unwanted verbal or physical conduct, verbal or written derogatory or discriminatory statements, and behavior not otherwise conducive to the education and religious mission of the school.  Unacceptable conduct – either by a student or a parent/guardian – includes, but is not limited to, the following:

disrespectful behavior of any kind toward a staff member, student, volunteer or parent



bomb scares or triggering other false alarms

cheating or plagiarism

use or possession of drugs or alcohol



intimidation, harassment, or threats of any kind

possession of any weapon

These categories do not cover every possible situation.  The school will determine which behavior is inappropriate.

This policy applies both in and out of the classroom, in the school community generally, and outside the school community, where the behavior is contrary to Catholic teachings or could bring disrepute or embarrassment to the school.

Conduct by students or parents/guardians, or anyone acting on their behalf, incompatible with the educational and religious mission of the school is grounds for disciplinary action.  This includes, but is not limited to, the immediate dismissal of the student, as well as reporting the incident to the appropriate legal authorities where appropriate.

In addition, in the case of threats of violence or harassment in any form, including oral, written, or electronic, by a student against any member of the school community, the student, if suspended but not dismissed, may be required to have psychological or psychiatric clearance before returning to school.


Just, appropriate disciplinary policies are essential educational processes.  These include procedures which are more remedial than punitive yet include the necessary provisions that protect the common good of the school community.

Suspension may lead to dismissal.  The Principal will inform the parents/guardians of the seriousness of suspension and seek their immediate cooperation in a corrective program designed to resolve the student’s problem, if possible.

Procedures for student suspension:

Infractions of a serious nature are determined by the School.

Parents/guardians of the student will be informed in writing of the suspension as soon as practicable.

Suspensions will be implemented (in-school or out-of-school) at the discretion of the Principal.

Following suspension, parents/guardians will be interviewed by the appropriate school official.  Students removed from the school community will not be readmitted before a parental interview has been conducted and all other conditions for readmittance have been satisfied.

Parents/guardians and student are to sign a formal agreement in which they signify their understanding of and agree to assume responsibility for future behavior.

Where possible, a student will be referred to a counselor or a teacher for counseling.

Signed agreement of parents/guardians and a written report of the suspension will be filed in the student’s record.

Suspension records are not a part of the student’s permanent or cumulative record.  Ordinarily, suspensions records only will be made available to authorized school personnel and parents/guardians.


After two (2) formal suspensions, a student may be dismissed.

Students who are dismissed may apply for readmission after one full year.  The School will determine whether readmittance is appropriate.

In certain instances the infraction may warrant immediate dismissal.  The School reserves the right to dismiss any student at any time where the School considers the conduct of the student or parents/guardians to be inconsistent with School policy, the good of the School community or Catholic teachings.

Parents/guardians of the student will be informed in writing of the dismissal as soon as practicable.


Neatness and cleanliness in personal attire are part of a child’s education and are the responsibility of the parents/guardians.  All children are to be in complete uniform every day.  Any irregularities because of emergencies must be reported by note to the teacher/principal.

School Uniform (Uniforms are to be worn on the first day of school)

Shoes (All grades) – School uniform shoes are required and must be purchased at Phil’s Shoe Store.  Penny loafers or oxfords for girls and BLACK TIE OXFORDS for boys are to be worn.  (NO SNEAKERS)

Kindergarten Boys/Girls – Summer uniform (date stated on the school calendar) – solid red shorts with

                            St. Hilary School long or short sleeved T-shirt, and white sneakers

                            Winter uniform – St. Hilary School sweat pants, sweat shirt (must be purchased through school),
                            St. Hilary School long or short sleeved T-shirt, and white sneakers

Girls (Grades 1-4)

Gray plaid jumper with light pink long or short sleeve blouse with Peter Pan collar, wine colored sweater with school logo, wine colored socks or stockings

Girls (Grades 5-8)

Gray plaid skirt (kilt) with light pink oxford cloth shirt, wine colored sweater with school logo, wine colored knee socks or stockings.  The skirt is not to be shorter than ONE INCH ABOVE THE KNEE and is NOT TO BE ROLLED UP AT THE WAIST.

Girls (Grades 7/8) – Optional

White turtleneck pullover worn with plaid skirt and school sweater

GIRLS ALL GRADES  - Optional winter uniform (November, December, January, February, March)

                       Navy blue pants with light pink long or short sleeve blouse with Peter Pan collar or

                       Light pink oxford cloth shirt, school sweater, navy blue socks, and school shoes

The only jewelry permitted is a religious medal on a gold or silver chain/ religious bracelet, a watch, AND ONLY ONE PAIR OF SMALL EARRINGS.

Make-up and nail polish are not permitted.  No severe cut or outlandish hairstyles are permitted for boys or girls.  Boys’ hair must be above the collar and above the eyebrows.  Simple plain hair accessories which match the uniform colors are permitted for the girls.

Boys (Grades 1-8)

Navy blue pants (purchased through the uniform store), black belt (Grades 4-8), white long or short sleeve shirt, uniform tie (diagonal navy, white, wine stripe), wine colored sweater with school logo

Boys (Grades 7/8) – Optional

White turtleneck pullover worn with navy blue slacks, black belt, and school sweater – NO mock turtlenecks

Summer Uniform:  Grades 1-8 (Boys and Girls) – Optional (Date stated on school calendar)

Navy blue walking shorts (purchased through the uniform store), black belt (Grades 4-8) and white golf shirt with school logo.  No cargo shorts with side pockets are permitted.  No oversized golf shirts or shorts are permitted.  All clothing must be the appropriate size.  White canvas or leather sneakers (no stripes/colors or high-tops) with white socks.  Socks must be above the ankle.

Girls may wear the white golf shirt with the gray plaid skirt (kilt) and boys with the navy blue pants with the winter school shoe.   

GYM UNIFORM:  All Grades (Boys and Girls)

Light gray or red sweat shirt or St. Hilary School long or short sleeved T-shirt, LIGHT GRAY SWEAT PANTS, white or black socks, and sneakers.  Sweat shirts and T-shirts must have St. Hilary Logo.  Kindergarten pants will say SHS.  Only St. Hilary school logo may appear on the gym attire.


The morning bell rings at 8:30 a.m.  Supervision of children begins at 8:15 a.m.  Any student who enters the school building before 8:15 a.m. is to sit outside his/her classroom.  All students must be in the schoolyard during regular recess periods, with the following exceptions:  emergencies (report to the office), inclement weather, or special arrangement with the teacher.


Faculty meetings enable the teachers to plan activities and to share information pertaining to students’ needs and abilities.  At times, staff development and in-service programs will be scheduled.

Faculty meetings are held each First Friday and require a noon dismissal for the students.  These arrangements are in keeping with the Archdiocesan policy.

Students whose school districts do not provide early-dismissal transportation must make the necessary arrangements.


In September each family will receive a white communication envelope.  These envelopes will go home every Tuesday and must be returned by Friday of the same week, signed and dated.  The envelopes will be given to the youngest child in each family.  The complete communication envelope is posted on the school website.


The planning of family trips during the school year is strongly discouraged.

The school can understand that occasionally and, for an important reason, a child may be absent due to a family trip.  However, upon return the child is responsible for any work that may be missed.  Please discuss planned absences in advance with the teacher/principal.  Each student is expected to complete a journal about their trip.


All trips necessitate that a parental permission form and all monies due be submitted two weeks before the day of the trip.  Parents/guardians will cover the cost of transportation and any admission fees.  All trips are to be educational in nature providing enrichment, as well as enjoyment, for our students.  All possible precautions will be taken to prevent injuries during these trips.  A class trip is a privilege which can be taken away if the teacher/principal deems it appropriate.

If a parent/guardian does not wish a child to join the trip for any reason, he/she should notify the school.  The child must attend school on the day of the trip or be marked absent.


Fire drills are conducted regularly.  The students are instructed to leave the building quickly and in silence when the alarm sounds according to directions posted in each area.  Failure to cooperate is considered a serious matter.


Eighth grade students who have completed the prescribed course of study and maintained a suitable discipline record are eligible for graduation, if all financial obligations have been met.  The administration and the eighth grade teachers determine procedures for graduation.

Participation in the closing exercises is a privilege, not a right.  The school has the right to deny any student participation in the closing exercises if, in the view of the school, the student’s academic or disciplinary record indicates that the privilege should not be extended.


Parents are required to complete a St. Hilary Emergency Information Card.  Should an emergency or sickness occur, these cards provide us with vital information about the relative or neighbor who is to be contacted.  Please remember to update this information as changes occur.

Health Services

The school health program assists in identifying and correcting physical problems and controlling communicable diseases.  A school nurse from the Abington School District is at St. Hilary’s School one half day each week.  Injuries occurring during the school day are tended to in the school office.

The School Health Law requires the following:

Physical examination upon entry into school (with documented proof that the necessary immunizations have been received) and in Grade 6

Dental examination upon entry into school and in Grades 3 and 7

Tuberculin test upon entry into school

Height and weight checks annually by the nurse

Vision screening and hearing test annually by the nurse

Sixth and seventh grade students’ screening for scoliosis


The school is not permitted to administer ANY unauthorized medication during the school day.  In the event a need for any medication arises, we will contact a parent or adult listed on the emergency card.

It is generally recommended that prescription medicines be given to the student before and/or after school in accordance with the physician’s directions.  In those instances where the medication must be given during the school day, it should be taken by the student in the presence of the school secretary.  Parents/guardians are required to sign a medication authorization form, which is available from the school, if the student must take medication at the school.

Prescription and non-prescription over-the-counter medications must be in the original container with a note from the parent/guardian and physician to include:  name of medicine, dosage, time of administration, dates to be given, and reason for medication.  No medications should be placed in lunch boxes or school bags for students to self-administer.


No sick or injured student will be released from school without notifying the family and an escort provided.  Unless a student’s life is obviously in danger and/or immediate emergency treatment is necessary, the parent of the pupil will be consulted before any treatment is administered.  If an emergency exists, the student will be taken to the hospital by car or ambulance.

An emergency number must be available for every student.  Please include the name and telephone number of your child’s sitter, if necessary.  If both parents will be out of town for any reason, please notify the office of the name and telephone number of an emergency contact person.


Homework refers to an assignment made by a teacher that will reinforce a concept presented in class.  Homework includes both written and study assignments and should be such that the student can do them independently.  While this does not preclude parental help or interest, the assignments should not require undue parental assistance or supervision.  Ample time should be allowed for the completion of out-of-class research assignments or projects.

The following time allotments are suggested for homework (both written and study assignments):

                        Grades 1 and 2            30 minutes

                        Grades 3 and 4           60 minutes

                        Grades 5 and 6           90 minutes

                        Grades 7 and 8           120 minutes

If your child is consistently taking an abnormally long amount of time to complete the assignments, kindly notify the teacher in writing.  Communicating this fact to us can be a service in helping us to provide better limitations.


Each student receives accident insurance coverage through an insurance program provided by the Office of Catholic Education.  This program provides coverage for the hours when school is in session and when students are attending or participating in school-sponsored activities on or off the school premises.  Benefits are payable for the first $300 of covered expenses, without regard to other insurance.  Thereafter, benefits are payable for covered expenses above $500 that are not recoverable from another plan providing medical expense benefits.  In case of an accident, accident report forms may be obtained at the school office.  Claims must be filed within 90 days.


The school library is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Classes visit the library each week to select books, do research, and to receive instruction in library skills.  The primary grades have story time each week.  Children are permitted to use the library during lunch periods.  Students must pay for any lost or damaged book. 


Lunch is sold each day and a varied menu is offered.  Students may bring a lunch from home.  Milk, juice, water, snacks, and ice cream are available for purchase.  On occasion the Home and School Association will sponsor a special lunch.  Information regarding these lunches will be posted in advance.

The principal or a teacher provide supervision of students during lunch.


In compliance with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Office of Catholic Education, St. Hilary of Poitiers School, mindful of its primary mission as an effective instrument of the educational ministry of the Church, and also as a witness to the love of Christ for all men, shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, or ethnic origin in the administration of educational policies and other school-administered programs.


Archdiocesan report cards are issued three times a year to students in Grades 1 through 8.  Each student is responsible for his or her own report card grade by satisfactorily fulfilling the following requirements:

Major testing


Oral and written reports

Classroom independent work (copybooks and workbooks) (studied and written)

Active participation in classroom lessons and activities

All special reports and projects must be submitted on the due date to receive full credit.

Parents/guardians should keep abreast of grades by signing tests and examining copybooks and workbooks.  For students in Grades 4 through 8 parents/guardians are responsible for checking “Grade Connect” on the Internet.  Parents/guardians are entitled to access all school records of the student.

No child will fail who is working to potential and who completes class and home assignments when due.  Failing grades are given only when a student shows lack of effort and interest in schoolwork as reflected in performance and participation.


Student progress is monitored throughout the school year.  At the December report card period, parents/guardians are informed of the student’s academic, social, and emotional progress.  In March, the teacher will contact the parents/guardians of a student who continues to experience difficulty to discuss the possibility of retention and support services.  By the end of May, the teacher(s) will schedule a follow-up meeting with the parents/guardians.  If retention is indicated, the parents/guardians will receive an official notification which must be signed and returned to the school administration.

Promotion or retention is at the discretion of the administration in consultation with the teacher.


The telephones are for school business only.  Students are not permitted to use them unless there is an emergency.


All stationery:  notebooks, folders, paper supplies, pens, pencils, crayons, etc. are to be purchased by the student in accordance with the teacher directives given out in June for the following school year.  Students in Grades 4 to 8 are to purchase a homework book in school.  Students in Grade 5 are to purchase a Bible through the school for classroom use.  Large binders, trapper keepers, etc. are not permitted.


Either of the following will indicate St. Hilary School is closed:

St. Hilary’s Emergency Number - #382

Abington School District Emergency Number - #301

If we must close the school because of inclement weather, a chain call to the families will begin.  Please establish a plan for your child(ren).  They must know what to do if school closes early.  We cannot handle individual requests for special transportation.  It is the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to decide whether a child will attend school on an inclement day and to make contingency plans for travel.


A standardized testing program is administered annually to students in Grades K, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7. This decision is mandated by the Office of Catholic Education.  The results are communicated to parents/guardians and are utilized by the school for curriculum planning.


Bikers – Students are permitted to ride a bike to school.  A bike rack is provided.  The school is NOT responsible for damaged, lost or stolen bikes.  Any student who rides a bike MUST WEAR a helmet.

Buses – Riding the school bus is a privilege.  Students must behave in an orderly fashion and FOLLOW the instructions of the bus driver.  Students who misbehave will be subject to DISCIPLINARY ACTION AND LOSS OF RIDING PRIVILEGES.

The following policies apply to bus transportation:

Abington School District buses WILL NOT transport children from other school districts.  Abington bus students must use their assigned bus stops.

Philadelphia School District will not bus kindergarten students.

Cars – Parents dropping children off in the morning must use the rectory entrance and follow THE BUS LANE, leaving the school grounds by the school driveway.  The Mill Road Circle driveway is closed in the morning at 8:15 a.m. for safety reasons.  In the AFTERNOON, car riders are dismissed first.  All cars are to park beyond the lampposts FACING THE MILL ROAD EXIT.



When a student transfers to another school, parents/guardians are asked to meet with the principal to obtain the official transfer form and also to sign a permission form for release of student records.  Records are not forwarded to another school unless a parent has signed this form and all financial obligations have been met.


Tuition rates are published annually prior to the close of school.  A book fee and a technology fee, payable in September, are also published annually.  The book fee, which is a per-child fee, covers miscellaneous expenses such as Religion texts and materials, art supplies, etc.  The technology fee is a per-family fee and covers the cost of hardware, software, supplies, and maintenance.

Our school provides a quality Catholic Education through the efforts of our parish priests, faculty, staff, Home and School Association, volunteers, parish community, and most of all, through the many sacrifices made by the parents/guardians of the children enrolled here.

Tuition is determined in January/February for the following school year.  The School also may impose fees for other items, such as extracurricular activities, field trips, and registration.  This information is communicated to the parents/guardians through the weekly communication envelope.

In justice to all parents/guardians and the parish community, parents/guardians are expected to keep tuition payments up to date.  Both parents/guardians are jointly responsible for tuition and other fees charged by the School.  The Pastor and Administration review the tuition records on a quarterly basis.  The student report card will not be released if the tuition account has an outstanding balance, unless the parent has met and made suitable arrangements with the Pastor or the School.  In addition, the School reserves the right to take further action, up to an including dismissal and withholding of school records, if tuition payments are not made on a timely basis.


All visitors to the school are to report to the school office to sign in.  No one may go to a classroom at any time.  Parents bringing lunches, books, etc. must leave these items in the office.  Visitors are asked to park at the upper end of the lot near the faculty cars so the play area will not be limited.


St. Hilary School truly depends upon the help of many volunteers to enhance and maintain our fine academic program.  Our volunteers are indispensable, providing many activities that would otherwise not be possible.  Any parent/guardian or parishioner may volunteer.

Each family is required to assist at three lunch periods per year.  The Lunch Committee of the Home and School Association does scheduling.  Arrangements for substitute coverage of lunch duty can be made, if you are unable to fulfill your responsibility.  It is important that parents supervise the lunchroom and yard, thereby providing a safe environment for the children.  A fee, which is refunded when the duty is completed, is assessed each family.


The Principal retains the right to amend this handbook for just cause and as she judges fit.  Parents and guardians will be given prompt notification when changes are made.

Legal Custody Issues

Parents are asked to inform school personnel when legal custody of the child(ren) resides with one parent.  It is important for the school to have a copy of the custody decree.  This will help school personnel to make effective decisions when the need arises.  Custodial parents are likewise asked to supply the school with copies of restraining orders if the need arises.

Those individuals who have legal custody of the student may attend school meetings, participate in educational decisions and review educational records regarding that student.  Persons who do not have legal custody (Including those with visitation rights, but not legal custody) have no such educational rights and may not participate in these matters.

The school requires parents/guardians to sign an agreement regarding the administration of parental participation issues and payment of tuition.

Unless a court or custody agreement specifies otherwise, each parent/guardian with legal custody is entitled to access all school records of the child.  Absent a subpoena or court order, school records of the child(ren) may be disclosed only upon written consent of the parent/guardian with legal custody.

A child will not be released to a parent/guardian that does not have physical custody, without the written consent of the custodial parent/guardian.  To determine the custodial parent/guardian, all separated or divorced parents of children enrolled in the school must provide the school with a copy of the court order or custodial agreement adjudicating that determination of custody.  This Court Order/Custodial Agreement is placed in a confidential file.

CONSEQUENCES FOR THE MISUSE OF PRIVILEGES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  (Amended 6/09)  These Consequences Are Applicable During ANY SCHOOL Activity/Event

Since I lost or destroyed my textbook or library book, I will reimburse the school for the value of the book.

Since I received two misconduct slips from the bus driver, I will be suspended from the bus for one week.

Since I took (item) from (person’s name) without asking, I will reimburse that person or  replace that item and write a letter of apology to that person, followed by a conference with my parents/guardians, teacher, principal and myself, to determine an appropriate consequence.

Since I littered or did not clean up after myself, I will forfeit my next recess and clean up a designated area.

Since I did not follow the Dress Code after receiving one written notice, I will serve my School Community after school. After my third infraction, I will be sent home immediately and may not return until I follow our Dress Code.

Since I treated (person’s name) with disrespect by (action), I will honor our PEACE Program and write a litter of apology to and do my best to reconcile with that person.  If my mistreatment of another person occurs again, I will serve my School Community after school.

Since I did not follow appropriate PLAY BEHAVIOR by (action), I will honor our PEACE Program and write a litter of apology and forfeit my next recess.  If this behavior occurs again, I will serve my School Community after school.

Since I treated food and/or (person’s name) food with disrespect, I will honor our PEACE Program and write a letter of apology.  If this mistreatment occurs again, I will serve my School Community after school.

Since I was eating at an inappropriate time, I will honor our PEACE Program and write a letter of apology.  If this behavior occurs again, I will serve my School Community after school.

Since I was chewing gum, I will honor our PEACE Program and write a letter of apology.  If this behavior occurs again, I will serve my School Community after school.

Since I used inappropriate language/gestures, I will write a letter to my parents/guardians explaining my actions and I will serve my School Community after school.

Since I left the school premises and/or cut class, I will receive an immediate suspension.

Since I committed an act of vandalism by (action), I will receive an immediate suspension.

Since I physically fought with (person’s name), either initiating or retaliating, I will receive an immediate suspension.

Since I used physical, verbal or emotional aggression/harassment toward (person’s name), I will receive an immediate suspension.

Since I conducted myself immorally by (action), I will write a letter to my parents/guardians explaining said action, followed by a conference with my parents/guardians, teacher, principal and myself.  Suspension, with the possibility of expulsion, will be decided at said conference.

Since I had in my possession or used tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or any object deemed unsafe by the faculty, I will receive an immediate suspension with the possibility of expulsion.

Since I brought to school and/or used an electronic device, I will need to relinquish said device to the principal who will then call my parent/guardian to pick up the device.

Since I did not give my teacher my cell phone as soon as I arrived at school, I will relinquish the cell phone to the principal who will then call my parent/guardian to pick up the phone.  If this infraction occurs again, I am prohibited from bringing a cell phone to school.


ALL LETTERS OF APOLOGY ARE TO BE SIGNED BY PARENTS/GUARDIANS AND RETURNED TO SCHOOL THE FOLLOWING DAY.  The letters are to be written legibly or typed with a heading, greeting, body, closing, and signature.  The body of the letter must state the offense, a change of heart, and an apology.

__________________________________________________(Parent/Guardian Signature)

__________________________________________________(Student Signature)

                                                                              (after discussion with Parent/Guardian)

_______________________________ (Date)

After serving more than three after school hours of service, an intervention will be scheduled in accordance with said offenses.  My parents/guardians will be asked to conference with the principal, teacher, and another appropriate person of intervention.


I have the privilege to be educated at St. Hilary of Poitiers School between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 3:15 P.M.  This means I have the responsibility to be on time, attend all classes, and stay on the school premises until being dismissed according to my parents’/guardians’ plans.

I have the privilege to use clean and neat textbooks and library books.  I have the responsibility to carry my books in a school bag and keep them in good condition.  I also have the responsibility to take care of library books and return them on time.

I have the privilege to wear the uniform of St. Hilary of Poitiers School.  This means I have the responsibility to abide by the DRESS CODE found in the Parent/Student Handbook.

I have the privilege to be myself at St. Hilary of Poitiers School.  This means that no one will treat me unfairly because of my color, my weight, my height, or my gender.  I have the responsibility to treat others fairly and with respect.

I have the privilege to be safe at St. Hilary of Poitiers School.  This means that no one will hit me, kick me, push me, pinch me, or hurt me in any way.  This also means that no one will hurt me with mean words.  I have the responsibility to make others feel safe by my actions and words and to refrain from fighting and ALL physical aggression.

I have the privilege of the security of my personal property.  This means that no one will take or use my belongings without my knowledge or permission.  I have the responsibility to respect what belongs to me and to others.

I have the privilege of a healthy body and mind.  This means I will refrain from the use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and immoral conduct.  I have the responsibility to treat my body with respect and to understand that each person has the right to this same treatment.

I have the privilege to use God’s gift of food for its intended purpose.  THIS MEANS I EAT WHAT I’VE BEEN GIVEN WITH RESPECT AND DIGNITY.  I have the responsibility not to waste or damage my food or the food of another person.  I will not chew gum during the school day.

I have the privilege to be heard at St. Hilary of Poitiers School.  This means that no one will yell, scream or shout at me, or use inappropriate language.  I have the responsibility to speak to others with respect instead of yelling, screaming or shouting at them, and to use appropriate language.

I have the privilege to come to a clean, neat, gum and litter free school.  This means that everyone will protect school property and clean up after themselves, and help others to do the same.  I have the responsibility to keep the environment clean, neat, gum and litter free, and to refrain from any vandalism.